Saturday, 10 June 2017

WARNING: Real Owners of Revealed ...

WARNING: Real Owners of Revealed

Based on extensive researches that we did through private investigators in UAE and Malaysia, we have found that the real owners of , are three Venezuelan-Iranian and one Malaysian nationals.

1- Sourena Youshizade (Venezuelan-Iranian) : Currently living in Malaysia - Wanted in UAE, Iran

2- Jafar Jafari (Venezuelan-Iranian) : Currently living in USA - Wanted in UAE, Iran

3- Mohammad Nazari (Shahbaz) : (Venezuelan-Iranian) : Currently traveling between UAE and Malaysia - Already have a court case in progress in UAE.

4- Colin Hoo Khai Choon (Malaysian) : Currently traveling between Malaysia, China, USA

These people scammed many investors in Middle East and East Asia by promoting a website called and selling PPS (Participating Preferred Shares) of Unifunds, without any permission or license from any legal and financial authority. They have never been a regulated entity to be able to sell their shares. They started this scam on September 2015 after they shutdown their previous scam with more than 70 Million Dollars cash from many investors.

Our investigations show that they started with lavish gala dinners all around Asia and Middle East and had the same shows with fake people (actors) in Europe to fool people that is a famous brand all over the place.

The way they are trying to control people not to make more legal cases for them is to threaten people for their lives and suspension or closure of their accounts (accounts which has no value).

On 1st April 2017 after they shutdown the previous scam ( they started a new scam called "" .... unfortunately few people who falsely believe in these wrong people started to join them, but most of the people who got hurt badly by them avoided to join. Again they have started to threaten them instead of giving them back their money for the previous scams or even a simple apologize! They call themselves CREATOR ARMY! and threaten people in any way to keep them quiet.

All these people are reported to Interpol for further investigations and anyone who lost their money and life fortune are highly recommended to report those above mentioned FOUR names to the police and public prosecutions in their countries. These people never stop scamming and by finding other victims put them in front and hide in the back with Millions of Dollars robbed from innocent people.

In September 2015 we had published the blog told people about them: and SCAM ALERT by Malaysian Government

We would like to inform that Adrows Media (via and Unifunds (via are not licensed by Securities Commission Malaysia ("SC") to conduct regulated activities under the Capital Market and Services Act 2007 ("CMSA"). This would include any dealing in securities or derivatives, fund management, advising on corporate finance, investment advice financial planning and dealing in private retirement schemes. Such list of regulated activities can be found in Schedule 2 of the CMSA by clicking on the link:

If you have any  information or evidence that the said entities are involved in any of the above-mentioned regulated activities within Malaysia without proper authorisation by the SC, we would really appreciate your kind cooperation to furnish those information to the SC, for our review and to assess on the appropriate actions to be taken. The information and/or documents can be provided to us via the following address:

Securities Commission Malaysia
Investor Affairs & Complaints
3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara
Bukit Kiara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 6204 8999
Fax: 603 6204 8991 or

Should you need further clarification from the SC, you may contact us at +603-6204-8999.

Thanks and regards,
Samsunahar Adnan
Investor Affairs & Complaints
Securities Commission Malaysia #unifunds #adrows #worldwideenergy #creatoracademy #creatorarmy #unifundsscam


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